This is so old oh but still cute 😁🌟
Orange converse 😍 it was so hot that day fuq…
Together 🌿🐻🐼😍
My boyfriend lives in the cutest place ever 😍🌿🐼🔫

Spotted Regular Show creator/ Voice of Mordecai JG Quintel on the SDCC floor!
It looks like Pripyat bc is dirty and old 😂

JG yo yo trick no. 2 :D omg!!!
This might be a weird question, but does anyone know what religion JG is?


I just realized… JG Quintel has beautiful teeth. They’re the sexiest teeth I’ve were ever seen. Who’s his dentist???


JG’s head is just floating there… awesome
How often do you talk to JG?
- darkoyster


Haha, pretty often? I mean he’s my boss, so you know, he tells me what to change and I change it. The times when I talk to JG are basically as follows:

  1. When my partner and I are given a new outline and we want to run through character motivations, structural issues, possible changes, etc.
  2. When we have our first pitch and he and the other outline writers are helping to improve the episode.
  3. Same thing again, but on our second pitch.
  4. Same thing again but on our possible third pitch.
  5. If after a couple of passes on a character I’ve designed it’s still not looking quite right, I’ll go into his office and try to hash out what exactly he’s trying to get me to draw. Usually he just has something particular that he’s thinking about but I’m not getting it, so he’ll draw it out a little more specifically. I apparently keep designing things that look like people’s junk and he keeps having to tell me not to do that.
  6. Sometimes at lunch.
  7. Sometimes walking to the studio from the parking lot.
  8. Sometimes at the urinal.
  9. Sometimes he quotes my episodes at me as we walk by in the hall.
  10. I have, now and again, stood in his doorway while eating cheerios and talked about whatever. Usually things about the future of the show that I’m interested in knowing or professional life stuff that he would have more insight on than I would.

It was actually very strange talking to him the first few times. I knew his voice as Mordecai and it was really disconcerting. Now it’s the opposite. If I have to write Mordecai saying some emotional thing, it’s very odd for me to think of JG saying that into a microphone in a recording booth. I think of him as a pretty level headed, funny guy, so when mordecai has to emote at all I’m like “nah… that’s not JG. That’s Mordecai. It’s completely different. It’s some other person in the world that is doing this.”


lol, the look on his face
JG Quintel’s Birthday is ONE WEEK from today!!! September 13th


He’ll be 31 and his birthdays on Friday the 13th… Something supernatural is going to happen

A Poem About JG Quintel


JG, we’re meant to be

I wanna have you baby



Que guapos se ven los dos! :)
JG Quintel y su esposa la violinista cassia streeb